Air Condition Installation for Radio Station: Temper Troops Sunshine Coast

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Radio Station, especially the base stations need high performing air conditioning systems to keep the electrical and electronic equipments cool and working. If you are looking for air condition installations then Temper Troops Sunshine Coast is one of the best in the country.

Why should you choose Temper Troops out of other dealers in the area?

  1. This company guarantees on performance of each and every air conditioning unit they sell.
  2. They have strong customer recommendation and reputation in this business.
  3. They deal almost all kinds of brands in the air conditioning and refrigeration market. You will get both national as well as international sellers with them. Daikin, Advantage Air, LG are few of the best-selling brands that you can buy from Temper Troops.
  4. Temper Troops offer amazing deals on a variety of their products.
  5. You will get all kinds of air conditioning system and installations available with Temper Troops.
  6. Every workman and staff at Temper Troops recognizes that time is valuable. The process of ordering an air conditioning system with these dealers is easy and fast. Timely delivery is one of the assets of this company.
  7. If you buy from Temper Troops, you will never have to compromise on workmanship. Each and every product they sell is double checked before delivery.

Temper Troops Sunshine Coast deals with three kinds of air conditioning system like:

  1. The Ducted Air conditioning: The ducts and all the wiring of the Air conditioning would be inside the ceiling and the walls and thus would not be visible from outside. It looks very clean and dainty. Only the grills or the air vents are visible. Installations should preferably be done when the building was been constructed. However it can be retrofitted into the ceiling of the rooms that have a false ceiling. These are the most expensive variety.
  2. Wall mounted air conditioning: This is also called Split AC. It can be easily mounted to the wall. For every installation a single condescending unit needs to be installed outside many meters away. These are noiseless. It is suitable for a small to medium sized chamber in a radio station. A multi-split system is new variety where a single powerful outdoor condenser can suffice multiple indoor units.
  3. VRV Systems: these are commercial systems that are of high capacity. It is one of the best choice for a large radio base station.


Following are few requirements in an air conditioning system that is ideal for a radio station:

  1. The heat exchange efficiency should be very high since these systems are kept on a working mode almost 24 hours of the day. This assures lower energy consumption.
  2. The AC should not pass un-cleaned outside air into the station. This might damage the equipments.  Dust and moisture should be contained hermetically.
  3. It should preferably be noiseless.
  4. It should run without CFC. There are models available that are eco-friendly.